Posted on Feb 1, 2014

I used to be incredibly annoyed with talk of setting goals.  In simple speak, it was over it.  I would rather be working on progress than talking theory and about things that weren’t going to happen because they were so far off in the future.  As I have grown a little older my perspective hasn’t changed but in the end I think it’s all just a bunch of semantics.  Businesses use the term “Goals” to define success.  “Objectives” need to be reached on projects and there has to be direction.  In the end you can call it what you want (don’t call it a goal) but I think it comes down to one question, what do I want?

Awhile back I felt challenged to begin making that I want known.  I believe in the power of our words and at the very least I felt it to be extremely healthy to figure out how to communicate my thoughts even it it was just on a spare napkin at my favorite coffee shop that never saw the light of day.  This process sort of started when I heard a speaker repeat a story that a friend had told him.  His friend was challenged to write down what she wanted.  It included basic human wants as well as huge dreams that sounded a bit out there but she held onto that list and twenty years later she glanced at it and realized, she was able to cross everything off.

As I was packing for a work trip at the end of last year and came across my own similar list from over three years ago and experienced a rush of emotion when I saw that I too was able to cross off several large items on what seemed like just a bunch of words on paper back then.  My own expectations were low compared to where I find myself now.  While I had been working away and time had passed, I wouldn’t say that I was fixed solely on obtaining those goals but I can now say that I’m actually pretty close to where I’ve always dreamt of being.  The list needs to be updated, I want different things now than I wanted several years ago and yet when I stumbled upon that list I felt pretty accomplished and realized how far I have come.  I realized the true beauty and power of my words.

I think it’s fitting to be thinking about goals, wants, and dreams in a Seattle cafe the weekend the Seattle Seahawks are playing in the Super Bowl.  The media has heard the players and coaches repeat over and over statement that they expected to be there.  Winning the Super Bowl was what they as a team have been chasing after the whole season and they expected to be in this position.  It’s fascinating for me to watch how the people around town build upon the confidence and respect that the Seahawks organization displays.  It feels like a great example of someone making what they want known and then not only finding that it actually happens but finding that there is a host of people around them just waiting to support them in their adventure.  The key to the whole thing was making a want, dream, or idea known.  Without that happening, nothing can actually get put into motion.

That leaves me with one simple question…what do you want?

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