Coffee and the New York Times

Posted on Apr 21, 2014
Coffee and the New York Times

It’s been a personal goal to chase and follow the things that I am passionate about.  Maybe it doesn’t always make sense to the people around me (and I’ll admit that it doesn’t always make sense to me) but I am constantly being reminded that those “random” connections and conversations are very important details in my life.  As my life unfolds it’s always enjoyable to see what happens and while I’m constantly working to figure out how I can grow as a photographer and story teller, it’s always good to see my work get a little traction.

Last fall I was in San Francisco for work and was able to take a few days to explore the city on my own and figured it was the perfect time to put my new (old) camera (a Bronica ETRSI) to the test.  San Francisco is not only a trend setting city but it is at the forefront of one of my favorite things; coffee.  From Blue Bottle to Four Barrel and the many roasters and shops in between, San Francisco is great place to visit if you want to taste some of the best coffee anywhere around.  It just so happened to be that the highly anticipated Linea Caffe had just opened a month or so before I arrived in town and I had time to stop by and enjoy a waffle, a couple different espressos, and take a few photos.  I shot half a roll of film and and a few shots the next morning and headed back to Seattle to brag to my friends about my coffee adventure.

Great story, right?  I enjoyed great coffee, good food, made new friends in town, and had a lovely time in San Francisco.  The best part is that those photos from Linea have been slowly popping up all around the web as it turns out that the people at the New York Times, Zagat, Departures, and Epicurious all wanted to highlight Linea Caffe as one of the top cafes in San Francisco.  Nothing like opening the New York Times on a Sunday morning to find one of my photos accompanying an article by Oliver Stand (Read it Here). To see more of my photos from Linea check out a few I posted HERE.

So yes, I had a smile on, did a little celebrating, and was reminded that following my instincts is a key part of who I am.

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