Bread & Butter: Perfect Simplicity

Posted on Sep 29, 2013
Bread & Butter: Perfect Simplicity

I have spent the past few weekends exploring Portland and between great coffee and amazing food I have had some great conversations.  Northwest Larder is a personal passion and at times it feels like I’m birthing something.  The idea has been kicking around in my mind for awhile and the website sat dormant for a year but now that I have gone for it, the support I have received from people in Portland is “Amazing.” While things are just picking up steam here I am incredibly excited to be working with several farms and producers in the Portland area in the near future.

The more people I talk with the more it is obvious to me that I need to take a step back and realize, I really am living the dream.  It’s not picture perfect, it is a lot of work, and I’m tired, however I need to recognize that in reality I am living a privileged lifestyle.  The weather has turned to fall and I need to give thanks and recognize the people around me whom I am extremely grateful for.  I can’t deny that I have had some wild and amazing experiences in the past few weeks and months.  If I just kept my head down and my foot glued to the gas peddle I think I might not realize that I have some great memories that I will never forget.

While I love what I do, love connecting with people, love traveling the northwest, and really enjoy having multiple projects going, my work and being a “creative” does not define me. As much as I want to be known as a storyteller and hard worker, I would rather be known as a man who is a great friend, builds genuine relationships, encourages everyone he comes in contact with because he cares about the people around him, and as someone who brings peace into every situation.  My job is allowing me to live that.  I get to embrace the uncertain.  Everyday I wake up I am responsible for myself and it is up to me to build valuable relationships, encourage those around me, and live out my dreams and ideas.

In the midst of all of this transition, trying to figure out what the life of “Jeff” looks like I think it all boils down to something that I was reminded of several times in the past week.  Sometimes the simplest things are the things that speak the loudest.  Sometimes the simplest things are truly the most important things.  It sounds so cliche but it rang true for me this week.  From a good cup of simple yet beautiful coffee at my favorite shop, to a place that cares as much about the bread and butter as your whole meal, to searching for lost best friends, to sharing a meal with great company, and to making sure “home” feels like home…I want my life to be built upon celebrating the simple things around me and in turn I hope my work reflects that.

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